Is diversity our strength?

Our differences are obliterated by what we hold in common – an overwhelming love for our country and the people in it

I enjoyed this story and thought you might too …

Fireman John rushed into a burning building and rescued a beautiful young lady, who was clad in her baby doll nightgown. After he had carried her down three flights of stairs and saved her life, the girl looked at him with admiration and gratitude and said, “Oh, you are wonderful! It must have taken great strength and courage to rescue me the way you did!”

“Yes, it did,” the fireman admitted. “I had to fight off three other firemen who were trying to get to you first!”

Canadians are now speculating on the source of our strength, and have come up with the slogan “diversity is our strength”. No doubt, diversity is worth celebrating, but is it what makes Canada strong? Here are some random comments voiced by Canadians.

“No matter how we came to be Canadians, our role in strengthening this country is dependent on the choices we make every day. Our future is dependent on enough people making wise choices.” Another Canadian speculated that we can identify with different groupings, as long as we are Canadians first.

The president of the Canadian Legion wrote these words back in 1943: “In unity there is strength. The Canadian veterans of the First Great War took seven long years to learn this lesson. What a dearly-bought experience it was!”

For more on this story, please see the Nov. 24 print edition of The Cross Roads. diversity in canada, strength in diversity

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