Area bus service expands travel in Saskatchewan

Alsask Bus Service adds a branch route from Saskatoon to Regina and is considering other destinations

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

Alsask Bus Service has been operating a route from Alsask to Saskatoon since last summer and the company has added a branch route from Saskatoon to Regina.

Ximing Lu, the owner of Alsask Bus Service, first began operating a route from Alsask to Calgary in 2012 after Greyhound Canada discontinued its route. The former Saskatchewan Transit Company (STC) operated a Saskatoon-Alsask route that connected with Lu’s route.

When the provincial government shut down STC in 2017, it created a gap in service and Lu was awarded a permit by the Saskatchewan Highway Traffic Board in July 2017 to operate a route from Alsask to Saskatoon. The company has since added a route from Saskatoon to Regina, and the service began in December.

The company offers both passenger and freight service on all of its routes. Visit to purchase tickets, and for information about schedules and fares. The service connects to Greyhound routes in the cities.

For more on this story, please see the Jan. 19 print edition of The Cross Roads. alsask

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