Area bus service shuts down amid challenges

Even with the combination of passenger and freight services, there was just not enough revenue to keep going

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

Alsask Bus Services Ltd. has shut its doors for good after providing a passenger and freight service for six years. The region no longer has a transit service.

Ximing Lu, the former owner of Alsask Bus Services, operates the Red Lion Restaurant in Alsask. The last buses to operate on the company’s Saskatoon-Calgary route ran on March 10. The company started a Saskatoon-Regina route in December and the route was terminated on March 1.

The private bus company was established in 2012 with the help of Community Futures Meridian Region. Lu decided to start his own bus service after Greyhound Canada stopped operating its route from Alsask to Calgary.

Lu worked with the former Saskatchewan Transit Company (STC) to ensure a seamless bus service from Saskatoon to Calgary. One of the reasons Lu decided to establish a bus service is he relied on freight service to supply his restaurant with food. The bus company did well until STC shut down in 2017.

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