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The Agriculture-Applied Research Management network has eight sites conducting trials across Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, we are fortunate to have several sources of research and demonstration information close to us. The Agriculture-Applied Research Management (Agri-ARM) network spans across Saskatchewan with eight sites conducting research and demonstration trials.

Kaeley Kindrachuk,
Regional Crops Specialist,

Each site operates independently of each other and are run by producer directed boards. The focus of each site is to provide local, unbiased research results to producers in the area. All of the sites receive funding from Saskatchewan Agriculture each year.

The Agri-ARM sites take advantage of the Agriculture Demonstration of Practices and Technologies (ADOPT) program which provides funding to groups to demonstrate new practices and technologies to producers. In addition, the sites will also conduct research funded by commodity groups, industry and the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) program. Saskatchewan Agriculture’s specialists work with the sites to provide project ideas and extension around research results.

For more on this story, please see the Apr. 13 print edition of The Cross Roads. Agri-ARM

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