No Body Like Jimmy on local stage

Plenty and District Community Players offer comedy with plenty of humour – and a body

Ralph (Herman Peters) and Cheyenne (Erin Toner) help to position Jimmy (Vicky Roesch), a recently deceased man, on Ralph’s couch with hopes of fooling people arriving at the home for an event.

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

The latest theatre production by the Plenty and District Community Players has brought death to life on stage in an interesting and oblivious manner.

The theatre group performed its rendition of a play called No Body Like Jimmy, written by Burton Bumgarner, over three nights on April 20-22 at the Plenty Community Hall. A full crowd enjoyed the food and entertainment on the opening night for the play.

Brea Olson, the host for the night, welcomed people to the group’s 29th community theatre production. She said the play is presented by the Community Recreation Organization of Plenty and the organization supports the skating rink, hall and sports teams in the community.

People had the option of roast beef or pork or both for supper, and the food was a tasty treat before the performance. Olson thanked the cooks and other volunteers including the stage crew and cast before the play started. Organizers were selling raffle tickets for the opportunity to win a wooden cooler stand.

The play was directed by Amber Roth and out of the 11 cast members, one person never had to say a word. The play was set in the living room of Ralph (Herman Peters) and Eloise (Crysta McDonald) Vanlandingham. Eloise was about to host a political fundraiser for her campaign to run for congress.

For more on this story, please see the Apr. 27 print edition of The Cross Roads. play

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