Funny, original play presented in Kerrobert

The three friends do all the things that drive people crazy at a theatre, including flossing during the movie

Two nerds get overly excited about the 3-D Avengers movie they are about to see, a movie containing a made-up character known as The Bull, as is evident by all of the horns, during the Prairieland Players presentation of a play titled Meet Me at the Lux on April 27 at the Prairieland Community Centre.

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

There was plenty of laughter abound in Kerrobert last weekend when the Prairieland Players presented an original play to audiences on three nights.

The theatre group presented a comedy titled Meet Me at the Lux to crowds from April 26-28 at the Prairieland Community Centre (PCC). The shows on Friday and Saturday nights included supper and the show on Thursday featured the performance and a light snack.

Food for the performances was prepared or provided by the Kerrobert Kinettes and the Kerrobert Seniors Club, and the Kerrobert Kinsmen helped by running a bar.

The shows also included prizes in a raffle draw and an opportunity to win cash from a 50/50 draw. The 50/50 winner won $330 on Friday.

Anita Phillips, the host for the performance on Friday, welcome people to the 29th production by the Prairieland Players. She said the theatre group has raised $138,000 for the PCC in its history and for the past couple of years including 2018, proceeds are supporting upgrades at the swimming pool. Phillips said the Lux was a movie theatre in Kerrobert and the play was sure to keep people laughing.

For more on this story, please see the May 4 print edition of The Cross Roads. play

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