Agriculture industry groups applaud new rail transportation legislation

The Transportation Modernization Act provides for a more fair, efficient and safer freight rail system

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

Agriculture industry groups are applauding new rail transportation legislation amid their ongoing concerns with getting Canadian grains to port.

The Transportation Modernization Act (the act) came from Bill C-49 and the act received royal assent on May 23 after a lengthy discourse between the House of Commons and Senate that held up the long-awaited legislation for several weeks.

Transport Canada released a statement from Marc Garneau, the minister of transport, on May 23. The act includes amendments to the Canada Transportation Act among others, and it has an impact on all transportation on land, sea and air. The act provides for a more fair, efficient and safer freight rail system and the minister alluded to the benefit new legislation is going to have for moving commodities.

There have been well documented concerns about the ability of the Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) to move grain. As noted by the agriculture industry, the act will help to improve the country’s rail freight system through measures such as the ability to apply reciprocal penalties to CN and CP.

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