Recovery centre continues to do important work

The only one of its kind in Saskatchewan, the centre helps people overcome alcohol and drug addictions


Scott Duncan, the recovery centre’s head chef, works to prepare food for the staff and clients. 

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

There are important and active things happening in Leipzig even though any hustle and bustle in the community became a thing of the past a long time ago.

The former village of Leipzig, a hamlet located west of Landis, is home to the Prairie Sky Recovery Centre Inc. The recovery centre, the only one of its kind in Saskatchewan, has been helping people to overcome their alcohol and drug addictions for a decade.

Formerly known as Leipzig Serenity Retreat, the Prairie Sky Recovery Centre is pretty much all that remains active in the former village. There is little to no trace of the businesses that once lined the community’s busiest street. The community is also home to the St. Paschel Catholic Church.

The steeple of the church is about the only thing a person sees when passing the hamlet on Grid 657, but the private recovery centre is only a short walk from the church. The recovery centre is located in an old boarding school.

With its 20,000 square feet and four floors, the Notre Dame Convent was built in 1927. The boarding school facility was purchased by Ardyth Wilson in 2008 and the building is known as the Ardyth House. The building was purchased for the purpose of establishing an addictions treatment centre.

Jacqueline Hoffman, chief executive officer (CEO) for Prairie Sky Recovery Centre, is Wilson’s daughter. Hoffman took over the operation in 2016 after Wilson fell ill and needed to end her hands-on involvement with the centre.

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