Recovery centre to hold special anniversary event

The public is encouraged to visit on Aug. 25 to find out about the work the centre does helping people to recover from drug and alcohol addictions

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

The Prairie Sky Recovery Centre in Leipzig is hosting an event to celebrate 10 years of helping people to recover from their drug and alcohol addictions.

The centre’s Recovery Days event takes place over two days on Aug. 24-25, but the important day for members of the general public is Aug. 25 when the celebration runs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. People are encouraged to visit the centre at any time during the day on the Saturday.

Jacqueline Hoffman, the recovery centre’s CEO, said the centre has held events in the past such as the Leipzig Music Festival when the centre was known as Leipzig Serenity Retreat, but Recovery Days is a celebration of the centre’s history.

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