Low-risk obstetrics program to start in Kindersley

An assessment released in 2015 identified the lack of obstetrical services as a major gap in area women’s health care

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

It has been several years since babies have been born in Kindersley on a regular basis, but a new obstetrics program will be starting up early in September.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) announced on Aug. 24 that a revitalized obstetrics program is going to start on Sept. 4 at the Kindersley & District Health Centre. The release states that extensive development was undertaken to revitalize the obstetrics program in Kindersley and to create a team of health care professionals with the qualifications, training and medical privileges necessary to provide low-risk obstetrical services.

A Primary Health Care Service Needs Assessment was conducted for Kindersley and after consultations with stakeholders, the final report was released in 2015 and it identified that the lack of obstetrical services is a major gap in the women’s health program.

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