Eaton’s house provides wonderful memories

Historic catalogue-purchased house sits at the Kindersley and District Plains Museum

Reitta Thompson has many fond memories of growing up in the Eaton’s house. The house can be found at the Kindersley and District Plains Museum.

By Anna Polsfut
for The Crossroads

Reitta Thompson was a former resident of the T Eaton Co. house, currently located at the Kindersley and District Plains Museum, donated by herself and her sister May. She recently donated original artifacts from the house including an alarm clock and photograph of her father, Mr. Johnston Hill.

In 1918, the precut lumber for the house was sent from British Columbia to Pinkham, Sask., by rail. It was then brought to Zilda and Johnston Hill’s farm site by horse and wagon (six miles northwest of Eatonia). The lumber cost $970 with an additional $750 for building materials. Included in the structure was a coal furnace and electric lighting. This pushed the total cost to around $2,000. (Catalogue Houses-Eaton’s and Others)

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