Looking after those who look after us

There are 658,000 war vets in Canada, countless police and firefighters. Thank them for their service

I loved this story a young man shared about his dad, who was a cop for 30 years and loved his job. One night his dad got a call about some teenagers vandalizing a park. Dispatch let him know that it was a lady that called in regularly thinking she was the neighbourhood watch. So he shut off all the lights, and after a couple of minutes of watching, realized it was a group of young adults playing hide and seek.

He got out of the car and crept up behind a group that was hiding behind some trees, causing one guy to freak out. But his dad whispered, “Dude, shut up or the other team will find us!”

The guys cracked up cause now they realized a cop had joined in their game. His dad ended up playing hide and seek with the group for the next hour.

But the son said the best part was about six months later when his dad was working and dropped by his place for a burger when his son was having friends over for a barbecue. A guy at the party said, “Holy —-! Your dad is a cop! He played hide and seek with us!”

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