New regional landfill nearly ready to open

The landfill, with 19 member municipalities, is located about 10 kilometres west of Kindersley just south of Highway 7


The scale house and scale are in place and ready to go at the Western Regional Landfill site to the south of Highway 7 about 10 kilometres west of Kindersley. A landfill official says the board hopes to announce the opening date later this month. The landfill has 19 founding member municipalities.

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

A group of 19 urban and rural municipalities are founding members of a new regional landfill west of Kindersley. The landfill is close to opening its gates.

The Western Regional Landfill Inc. (WRLI), the official name of the organization in charge of the waste management facility, was first incorporated in June 2013, and the landfill that goes by the same name is nearly ready to open its gates roughly five years later.

The landfill is located about 10 kilometres west of Kindersley just south of Highway 7. The Town of Kindersley owned the land where the landfill is located and WRLI purchased the land back in March 2017. The land was destined to be a landfill.

In 2002, the Town of Kindersley had a site suitability assessment completed on the land in the Teo Lakes area. Clifton Associates Ltd., an engineering firm, did the assessment and the land was deemed suitable for a landfill. Nothing much happened with the land until it was targeted by WRLI.

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