Local ref retires from ‘second life’

Local teacher Richard Berezowski called 100 games in the CFL

By David McIver
of The Crossroads

After nine years, local teacher Richard Berezowski has retired as a referee for the Canadian Football League.

Local teacher Richard Berezowski has has called his last game as a referee in the Canadian Football League.

Aug. 2 was his 100th game, Berezowski said. He had experienced highs and lows in what daughter Chantal called his “second life.”

Along the way, he’s had interesting experiences and met some interesting people.

The most gentlemanly player he’s met might be Odell Wills, the Edmonton Eskimo defensive end and former Saskatchewan Roughrider.

“He was always good to talk to,” said Berezowski.

Some others are “more in your face,” although a couple of them, if they were excited about something, probably had a point, he said.

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