Unity terminal survives fire after announcing dividends

The grain dryer has built-in safety protocols and the unit shut down when the fire occurred. The cause is being investigated

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

Black smoke comes off an industrial grain dryer at North West Terminal near Unity on Oct. 11 after a small fire grew into a much larger blaze, according to the company’s CEO Jason Skinner.

North West Terminal (NWT) Ltd., along with its staff and directors, has gotten through an eventful week complete with a dividend announcement and a large fire.

The NWT board of directors issued a news release on Oct. 10 to announce dividends for its shareholders.

An industrial grain dryer caught on fire a day later. The fire from Oct. 11 did not spread from the grain dryer, according to a company official.

The release states that Class A and B shareholders will receive a dividend of $1.67 per share, and Class A shareholders will also receive a preferential dividend of $0.33 per share in addition to other dividends for a total dividend of $2 per share. A total of nearly $5.5 million will be returned to shareholders.

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