Photographer takes armchair travellers to Argentina

Myrna Pearman of Sylvan Lake, Alta., travelled by plane, boat, bus and horseback during her Argentinian adventure


Naturalist and photographer Myrna Pearman shared her trip to Argentina during an Armchair Traveller presentation at Leader Library on Nov. 26.

by T. Martin-Schmunk
of The Crossroads

Myrna Pearman of Sylvan Lake, Alta., returned to Leader Library to share an Armchair Traveler presentation on Argentina.

A nice crowd gathered on the evening of Nov. 26 to learn more about Argentina. Pearman has presented for Leader Library on past occasions and was happy to return to the area, incorporating scenic drives and opportunities to catch wildlife at its best. She commented on numerous snowy owl sightings.

Before beginning, Pearman expressed her gratitude to David Thorburn for coming to the rescue with a major computer problem that had threatened her entire slide show!

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