Two-team race for first in SVHL

The league’s top eight teams make the playoffs, so no team is eliminated yet

Crossroads Staff

The Delisle Bruins and Kyle Elks are tied for first place in the Sask Valley Hockey League, and it is shaping up to be a two-team battle for first place.

Most of the teams in the SVHL have played at least two-thirds of their 18-game regular season schedules. The Bruins (11-1) and Elks (11-1) are eight points ahead of two teams tied for third place, so Delisle and Kyle are unlikely to be caught by any other teams this season.

The Bruins and Elks each have 22 points while the Eston Ramblers (7-5) and Beechy Bombers (7-7) are the teams tied for third place with 14 points a piece. The Kenaston Blizzards (6-7) earned a big two points in a game on Tuesday night to sit alone in fifth place with 12 points.

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