Play shows love overcomes in the end

The Eatonia Oasis Players performed Allocating Annie at the Eatonia Community Hall, giving audiences plenty to laugh about

Members of the Eatonia Oasis Players act out a scene from their recent production held over three night on Jan. 24-26 at the Eatonia Community Hall. In the above scene from the play called Allocating Annie by Rick Abbot, Tracy Tucker (Cora Knutilla), second from right, tries to tell her brother Dr. Clifford Tucker (Dion Swan), left, that the baby he inherited and is holding is actually an astoundingly lifelike doll, but he is too caught up in seeing it for the first time. Cliff’s lawyer, Jake Putnam (Matthew McKinnon), second from left, and actor Langdon Barnett (Bryan Somerville), right, a virtual stranger to others, watch as the drama unfolds.

Kenneth Brown
of The Crossroads

A rare version of a love triangle played out on stage last week in Eatonia where the community theatre group put on a show for crowds on three nights.

The Eatonia Oasis Players theatre group performed its rendition of the play “Allocating Annie” by Rick Abbot over three nights from Jan. 24-26 at the Eatonia Community Hall. The group gave audiences plenty to laugh about during the two-act performance of the comedic play.

Kim Becker, the mistress of ceremonies, welcomed people to the hall for the performance on Jan. 24 and she thanked them for getting out to support the event. There was a lighter crowd for Thursday than for the Friday and Saturday performances, a regular occurrence.

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