Lacey Owens to speak at Christmas in November

Local fundraiser is in its 11th year bringing women from across the area together to support the museum and its projects

Verna Thompson
for the Crossroads

Agriculture, locally and beyond, will be the focus when Eston’s Lacey Owens speaks at Christmas in November in Eston on Saturday, Nov. 17. A fundraiser for the local museum, the event is in its 11th year bringing women from across the West Central area together to support the museum and its projects.

Eston’s Lacey Owens shares a unique message.

Lacey is a small-town farm girl with a passion for people. She grew up working on the family farm with her parents, grandparents, and two older brothers; and she has always had a genuine love for the industry. She is proud of her farm roots and continues to work in and promote the agriculture industry.


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Through her 36 years of life in the ag industry, Lacey has learned many lessons and developed some unique perspective. She is excited to share an uplifting message about the importance of Agriculture to the world, to our country, our province, and especially our community!

Contrary to a press release printed in the paper last week, Lacey is not an agrologist nor does she work for Emerge.

Together with her husband Matt, Lacey has co-founded CONNECT, Ag which can be summarized as an organization developed to share appreciation and promote agriculture, bring people together to celebrate, and connect agriculture globally to help farmers around the world. It began with a signature ‘Celebration of Women in Farming;’ With pure inspiration from her mom and grandmother, Lacey was thrilled to invest her whole heart into this event! Lacey and Matt have taken a step back and passed the event planning on to a great organization (Women in Ag); and Lacey will continue to host the event for the fourth year on Nov. 1 and 2, 2018.

Lacey loves all aspects of agriculture; from growing food, to preparing it, to sitting down to share it with family and friends. She feels that people come together at the table. To Lacey, the kitchen table is an important symbol of sharing new insight, important meetings, building relationships, discussion, debate, entertainment, enjoyment, celebration, laughter, and love.

Although Lacey enjoys a variety of roles in the Ag Industry, her true passion boils down to connecting with people.  Lacey loves getting to know people and seeing what makes them unique and special. Hosting a successful conference year after year has opened many doors for Lacey to pursue her career in professional speaking and personal/professional development coaching.

Lacey always hits the stage with a goal to educate, entertain, and empower! She looks forward to sharing stories that will make you think, make you laugh, and make you realize what you’re made of!

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