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September 12, 2022 – Kelowna, British Columbia: Decisive Dividend Corporation (TSXV:DE) (“Decisive” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with its senior lenders, Canadian Western Bank and CWB Maxium Financial Inc., a wholly-owned division of Canadian Western Bank (collectively “CWB”), to increase the Corporation’s overall debt availability from $36 million to $53 million and extend the term of the credit agreement by one year.


Comparative details of the increase in debt availability are as follows:


(Stated in thousands of dollars)


















Non-amortizing term facility – tranche 1


 $    21,000

 $               –

 $    21,000

 $    21,000

Non-amortizing term facility – tranche 2





Non-amortizing term facility – total






Revolving term acquisition facility






Revolving term operating facility






Total debt


 $    36,000

 $    17,000

 $    53,000

 $    33,964

“P” in the table above denotes prime rate


In conjunction with the increases in availability above, the $7 million currently drawn on the acquisition facility will be added to the non-amortizing term facility and will result in Decisive having $15 million in dedicated acquisition financing available to fund future acquisitions. The potential fixed interest rate on the repositioned $7 million in non-amortizing term debt is expected to be in-line with the current variable rate on the acquisition facility. The 6.25% on the currently drawn $21 million of non-amortizing term debt remains unchanged.

The renewal and extension of the credit agreement maintains the committed term of the agreement at three years and all drawn amounts now mature in October 2025.


Rick Torriero, Chief Financial Officer of Decisive, noted:

“We are very pleased to announce the renewal, extension and increase of our credit facilities with CWB. They have been a great financial partner and this first annual renewal demonstrates their commitment to working with Decisive to help us achieve our objectives. The agreement with CWB provides flexibility to fund growth in our existing operations as well as through acquisition opportunities, and the non-amortizing nature of each our debt facilities with them aligns very well with our overall business model.

We do intend to maintain our overall acquisition funding target at 50% debt and 50% equity, however the increased availability on the acquisition line allows us to opportunistically fund acquisitions when required and then look to the capital markets to rebalance our target debt and equity split. Each of the acquisitions completed to date by Decisive have been under $15 million, so having $15 million in dedicated revolving acquisition financing available to us is a strong competitive advantage as we look to acquire businesses from our healthy and growing pipeline of potential targets.


About Decisive Dividend Corporation


Decisive Dividend Corporation is an acquisition-oriented company, focused on opportunities in manufacturing. The Corporation’s purpose is to be the sought-out choice for exiting legacy-minded business owners, while supporting the long-term success of the businesses acquired, and through that, creating sustainable and growing shareholder returns. The Corporation uses a disciplined acquisition strategy to identify already profitable, well-established, high quality manufacturing companies that have a sustainable competitive advantage, a focus on non-discretionary products, steady cash flows, growth potential and established, strong leadership.




Rick Torriero, Chief Financial Officer

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