The Health Quality Council of Alberta reveals COVID-19 impacts on Albertans; Launches follow-up Survey

Calgary, AB – TheNewswire – October 1, 2020 – The Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) today released findings from its first comprehensive survey aimed at understanding the experiences of Albertans during COVID-19.

Thousands of Albertans provided feedback in the HQCA’s public survey from May and June, 2020. The survey reveals:

  • – While two-thirds (65%) reported feeling protected from COVID-19 infection, the pandemic affected the health and wellness of many Albertans.

    – Nearly three-quarters (72%) reported experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression during the pandemic, which they found difficult to cope with.

    – Top challenges identified include maintaining relationships (50%), difficulty sleeping (48%), inability to exercise as normal (48%) and loneliness (46%).

    – 30% delayed seeking healthcare during the pandemic. Of those, over one in five (22%) said delaying their healthcare affected their health greatly or quite a bit.

    – Information about COVID-19 was frequently sought by Albertans (73% checking for news at least once a day), and they relied heavily on Dr. Deena Hinshaw as their most trusted source of information.

    – Three-quarters (74%) said the advice received in their virtual healthcare visit was helpful, while nearly two-thirds (62%) are receptive to continuing to receive virtual care going forward.

Full survey results are available at

Second public survey launches today

The HQCA requests Albertans participate in its COVID-19 Experiences and Impact Survey again to assess changes in their experiences since June, and to provide insights on additional topics such as school re-opening measures, mask use, and comfort levels related to a potential future vaccine.

The survey is once again open to all Albertans over the age of 16, and available from

“We’re learning a lot about what Albertans are experiencing with respect to healthcare services, and their own health and wellness, as a result of the pandemic,” says Charlene McBrien Morrison, acting CEO of the HQCA. “We are also conducting additional, more targeted surveys of families and residents of continuing care sites across the province, and seniors living in lodge settings. As Alberta prepares for a potential second wave of COVID-19 cases, it’s important these valuable insights help inform the ongoing response to this pandemic.”

Information collected from the HQCA’s COVID-19 surveys are shared with provincial leaders so they can reflect on the data, and consider opportunities for improvement in the months ahead.

The Health Quality Council of Alberta has a legislated mandate to engage with Albertans on their experience and satisfaction with patient safety, person-centred care, and health service quality.


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