Some surprises in senior hockey league action

The Kyle Elks suffered their first loss of the season at the hands of the strengthening Eston Ramblers

Brett Howe scores on Kyle’s Matt Richard in a 4-0 win for the Eston Ramblers on Dec. 8. It was Kyle’s first loss of the season.

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Sask. West  Hockey League

Last weekend was full of action with eight games on the schedule.

Kerrobert was responsible for a couple of surprises on the weekend, winning their second and third of the season, racking up 25 goals.

On Friday, Macklin defeated Eatonia 5-4 in overtime; Kerrobert slammed Biggar, 11-3; Wilkie beat up on Kindersley 9-2; and Unity defeated Luseland 8-2.

On Saturday night, Kindersley beat Eatonia 4-3; Unity defeated Biggar 5-4 in overtime; Kerrobert beat up on Luseland 14-8; and Wilkie slid by Macklin 3-2.

The Sask West Hockey League continues its busy schedule with six games this weekend and one week-day match.

On Friday, Macklin visits Kerrobert; Eatonia is in Luseland; and Unity travels to Wilkie.

On Saturday, Kerrobert will travel down the highway to Luseland; Unity will take on Macklin; and Eatonia takes on Wilkie. Next Wednesday, Dec. 20, Luseland will visit Kindersley.

Standings: 1. Wilkie 10-0; 2. Macklin 8-3; 3. Unity 7-4; 4. Kindersley 5-4-1; 5. Biggar 4-7-1; 6. Kerrobert 3-6-1; 7. Eatonia 1-5-3; Luseland 2-5.

Leading scorers: 1. Behn Robertson, Unity, 11 games played, 18 goals, 21 assists and 39 points. 2. Brock Harrison, Wilkie, 10-10-19-29; 3. Kelsey Muench, Luseland, 7-7-21-28. 4. Kristian St. Onge, Unity, 11-13-14-27; 5. Jorden Braid, 10-12-14-26.

Sask. Valley Hockey League

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