RCMP says collision investigation could take a while

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There were 16 people on the converted school bus, including the driver and 15 oilfield workers. Ten people were injured

The scene of an accident west of Kerrobert at the intersection of highways 21, 31 and 51 shows a bus that ended up on its side in the ditch north of the highway after colliding with a semi while travelling east towards Kerrobert. The incident remains under investigation.

Crossroads Staff

A bus carrying oilfield workers collided with a semi just west of Kerrobert and the accident is expected to be under investigation for a while.

The collision occurred at an intersection west of Kerrobert where highways 21, 31 and 51 meet or branch out depending on the direction of traffic, according to the RCMP. The collision occurred on Sept. 14 at about 4:30 p.m.

A press release was issued by the RCMP on Sept. 15, a day after the collision. There were 16 people on the converted school bus including the driver and 15 oilfield workers, the press release says. The male driver of the semi, who was the lone occupant, was uninjured in the accident.

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