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Young entrepreneur crowdfunding to launch home in a bag concept

Prototype aims to provide protection and connection for those who are affected by displacement and natural disaster

Millennials giving up on ever owning a home in a Canadian city

It now takes 53.5 per cent of your income to service the costs of buying a single-family home

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Mortgage stress test suppressing housing activity, says report

A Mortgage Professionals Canada report says the effects of federal policies are especially concerning in areas already dealing with economic instability, notably Alberta

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CMHC mortgage changes aimed at helping self-employed own homes

Changes target Canadians who may have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage as their incomes may vary or become less predictable

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City hall holds the key to solving Canada’s urban housing crisis

As centres for jobs, education and innovation, municipalities play an outsized role in Canada’s continued prosperity

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Irregular and illegal migrants, and ill-informed Canadians

More people now enter Canada illegally than those who make legal refugee claims

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Saskatchewan budget misses opportunity on rental housing assistance

It’s more effective to supplement rents in times of high vacancy because each dollar spent gets the tenant more

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In Florida, they’re snowbirds, in B.C., they’re speculators

Penalizing foreign homebuyers fails to address the fundamental problem: a lack of available houses

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How B.C. can escape its painful housing trap

Instead of targeting affordable housing, B.C. government should be targeting housing affordability

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CMHC lending practices threaten Canada’s economy

Canadians need to ask if they should own a Crown corporation that could cost them dearly or if they prefer to have that money invested in more secure places

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