Why New Year’s resolutions never stick

Change isn't difficult. What is difficult is doing things when you don't really want to

Why New Year’s resolutions never stickSo it's a new year. The pressure to look optimistically and confidently ahead, to resolve to change old ways and embrace the new, is palpable. The media, with tiresome predictability, are chock-full of advice from the experts on how to make and stick to your resolutions. Forget it. Most people really don't want to change,…

Talent management lessons from the playing field

Lessons learned on the playing field have shaped many a business leader

Talent management lessons from the playing fieldProfessional sports teams are in a unique position - their sole purpose for being is to win championship cups and their only significant advantage is people. How does that affect how teams manage their human resources? What if companies approached human resource planning and management in the same way? Business, and society, would think about…

What is my job again, exactly?

The real problem with a lack of role clarity is that it cascades into a much bigger problem for organizations: misalignment

What is my job again, exactly?I am convinced that one of the key things getting in the way of individual, team and organizational success is a lack of role clarity. This point was reinforced during a meeting I attended to help a client establish her development plan which ended up being a conversation about role expectations. Or, specifically, her lack…
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