Lessons on behaviour from a Canadian

Jordan Peterson offers some helpful lessons on how to treat others in a functional society

A mother was told by a daycare worker that her son had been driving a toy car when he shouted at his playmates, “Get out of my way, idiots!” It was a wakeup call for the toddler’s mom, who got verbally irritated while driving.

Parrots also love to mimic and their owners consider it a sign of intelligence when they do, even when the bird repeats insults.

Unfortunately mimicking bad behaviour isn’t confined to parrots and pre-schoolers. Adults not only excel at it, but often consider their bad behaviour as a sign of intelligence.

The crude name calling by comedian Samantha Bee is a good example. While no one should be blasted with such demeaning verbiage (much less the president’s daughter), other entertainers followed right along. Jon Stewart offered her his support.

For more on this story, please see the Jun. 15 print edition of The Cross Roads. behaviour

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