AGUA Team in Mexico makes life better for locals

The 2019 team drilled three new wells and did pump repair/rebuild on an additional seven, bringing them back into service


Drill Team 2019 Missionary Tom Schaffer, Stephen Ebb, Aaron McNabb, Rick Kehler, Charity Ehnisz, Tim Ehnisz, Antonio (Tom’s staff member), Brad Ebb.

by Tim Ehnisz

This year’s trip was new to all, veteran driller or novice.

As we worked with a drilling rig that is much larger and has more capacity. This is what was needed for many years as our small lS 100 portable rig was not capable of digging in difficult terrain. For many years our small rig served us well drilling hundreds of wells, but all in the easy shallow water sites. As all the easy drills disappeared, it was obvious the larger more powerful unit was needed. AGUA RESOURCES, our American partner, acquired such a rig.

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