AGUA Team in Mexico makes life better for locals

The 2019 team drilled three new wells and did pump repair/rebuild on an additional seven, bringing them back into service


Drill Team 2019 Missionary Tom Schaffer, Stephen Ebb, Aaron McNabb, Rick Kehler, Charity Ehnisz, Tim Ehnisz, Antonio (Tom’s staff member), Brad Ebb.

by Tim Ehnisz

This year’s trip was new to all, veteran driller or novice.

As we worked with a drilling rig that is much larger and has more capacity. This is what was needed for many years as our small lS 100 portable rig was not capable of digging in difficult terrain. For many years our small rig served us well drilling hundreds of wells, but all in the easy shallow water sites. As all the easy drills disappeared, it was obvious the larger more powerful unit was needed. AGUA RESOURCES, our American partner, acquired such a rig.

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Before arrival in Mexico this year, previous teams punched out 30 wells with this equipment. If you want to drill in more arid areas, more equipment, more work, more problems, more time, more patients, and more commitment is required. Now we are looking at more sophisticated equipment and two day drills on one hole. But the reward is great. A location that struggled with water storage, and that being not drinkable, now have a well.

Life suddenly becomes better. The 2019 team drilled three new wells and did pump repair/rebuild on an additional seven, bringing them back into service.

Our first well site, La Y was near a flower shop, in the local shopping area. The second drill took us to a school in the Colonia Buenos Aires, and the final well in the town of El Ticui across the river from Atoyac de Alvarez. This community a few years ago had a landslide after a torrential rain that claimed many lives.

At our home base Bethel Medical Clinic, a new parsonage is being erected for the onsite church. We had the privilege to meet the Founder of Mexico Ministries, Mr. Larry Meyers. This 82 year old man is supervising the project, and also two church building projects in the southern states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. By the grace of God and the efforts of Larry Meyers and his supporters, Mexico Ministries has built the very compound we work out of, and hundreds of churches, orphanages and medical clinics in Mexico.

I asked Mr. Meyers how many churches he has seen built: to that he replied “I don’t know, but they tell me, we have about 20,000 people attending these churches.” Mr. Meyers has given lifelong effort to this cause.

Larry Meyers quote, “I take no credit, cause if things don’t go good, it’s not my problem, I just do what God tells me to do, and give Him glory.” It appears, Larry Meyers is listening closely and things are going GREAT.

From AGUA, THANK YOU all for your support throughout the years, with prayers, money, giveaways and encouragement. May God bless you as you have been a blessing to others.

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