Regional landfill opens west of Kindersley

The landfill accepts household waste from people in the 19 member municipalities, who pay lower fees than people from non-member municipalities


Jim Wilson, vice-president of the Western Regional Landfill Inc. (WRLI), cuts a ribbon at a grand opening ceremony on Dec. 5 at the site of the landfill about 10 km west of Kindersley. The landfill is now open for business to accept household waste from people in the region. The landfill corporation has a total of 19 member municipalities. Ratepayers of member municipalities will pay lower tipping fees than people from a non-member municipality. The landfill is only going to accept debit and credit card payments. The landfill is being operated by Loraas Environmental Services. In the photo (left to right) Ryan Gustus (business development, Loraas), Aaron Beres (assistant general manager, Loraas), Terry Dunn (WRLI, Kerrobert), Derek Stevens (the landfill manager, Loraas), Kim Vogel (WRLI, Kindersley), Darwin Whitfield (WRLI, Oakdale), Aaron Loraas (president and owner, Loraas), Wilson, Jenna Lavoie (Kindersley), Ruebecca Fiddler (branch manager, Loraas), Shadreen Bakanec (recycle centre staff, Kindersley), Rod Perkins (WRLI, Kindersley), Jordan Gifford (landfill operations manager, Loraas), Nancy Rosler (regional landfill attendant), and Audrey Hebert (Kindersley). For the full story, see next week’s edition of the West Central Crossroads.

regional landfill

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